Using Arts to Advocate for good governance in Uganda

Uganda's youth are using creative platforms like poetry galas to advocate for good governance in Uganda, East Africa and Africa as a whole.

Written By: Uganda Chapter member

The use of arts and storytelling, music, dance and drama to pass on the good governance message in Uganda has clearly awakened the mindset of many young people across Uganda to role they can play in the governance of their country.

Since the beginning of 2019, the Uganda Chapter on African Charter on Democracy Elections and Governance has created creative platforms like poetry galas and fireplace discussions to give youth a free space in which they can have open discussions on key governance issues. One of these key issues is the ratification and domestication of ACDEG and what that would mean to young people interested in governance. The charter emphasises the need to promote effective participation of young people in governance spaces.

In using these platforms, the young people of Uganda have showcased their ability to use talent to advocate for the ratification of the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance (ACDEG) through art, poetry, music and dance. Young poets recited deep and engaging poems on what they want politics in Uganda to look like and how the current politics has affected them.

Inclusive starts with an I. A circumference covered by and for an eye. Arm picking only for me and for the rest none. Understanding it only for an I, makes chances for individualism high. For inclusive and individual start with an I. With this I, inclusiveness may not abide.

Onesmus Kansiime, Poet.

Present at these engagements are Members of Parliament, leaders of political parties, representatives from Civil Society Organisations and government bodies who emphasised the relevance of creative spaces such as these.

Hon. Nobert Mao, the president General of the Democratic Party (DP) while attending one of the poetry galas in Kampala highlighted the great role that art can play in shaping the power and resource distribution of any country. He also enlightened youth on how the African continent can no longer afford to overlook art-vism and writivism as these are compelling vehicles of change.


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